Accreditation in Test Usage

Below you can find the prices and information regarding certification. All certification trainings are conducted by psychologists or consultants, which have long experience in test usage.

We focus on the action-based learning, which includes both theory and a lot of practical exercises.

Certification courses New User Certified test users
or psychologists
Test Usage and Psychometrics Webinar not needed 4 200
Saville Wave 2 days* 2 days 17 500
Saville Wave – follow-up 1 day* not needed 6 400
Aptitude Tests 1 day  1 day 10 500

* Previous certification within test usage and psychometrics needed

Online system Oasys®10 SEK
Standard Oasys online-system (includes one additional to English language) 40 000
Personalized Oasys online-system (company’s logo and colours, includes one language) 40 000
Installation of more languages, per language 5 000

If you want to book a time for certification, contact us