Welcome to the 21st century

Transforming Assessment

Saville Assessment is the most significant advance in assessment in thirty years. It goes beyond personality, beyond motivation and beyond culture. It is a completely integrated suite of assessment tools, offering sophisticated individual and corporate diagnostics.

Greater Precision & Integration

Without adding any administration time, you can provide a much higher definition assessment than you can using traditional personality questionnaires. In around 35 minutes, Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles provides powerful information on 36 dimensions, or 108 facets, incorporating both talent and motive measurement.

Better Decisions through Better Prediction

Leverage our extensive validation research built into the Expert Report. This predicts your candidate’s competency profile, highlighting strengths or development needs as relevant to selection or development.

Revolutionary New Approach

Prof. Peter Saville, the originator of SHL’s OPQ®, and a multi-disciplinary team of 40 psychologists, mathematicians and IT developers have spent two years developing this exciting range of tools that will transform the way organisations assess, recruit, develop and manage their people.

Spot Talent & Potential More Accurately

Saville Assessment assesses talent and motive in a way that directly links to competencies and job performance. Professional Styles has strong reliabilities (averaging r=0.86) and validities (averaging 0.46).

Assess Person-Job and Culture Fit

Only Saville Consulting Wave assesses Talent and Motive (potential) at the same time, and allows you to look at person-job fit as well as person-organisation fit.

Impact Business Results through Innovation

Leverage the Entrepreneurial Report to re-focus the organisation on innovation, instill an achievement culture and turn business performance around.

Use Advanced Scoring Technology

Dynamic scoring and sophisticated algorithms enable shorter assessment times with greater accuracy and finely tuned measurement.

Provide Fresh Insights in Coaching Feedback

“Talent Motive Splits” uncover previously hidden blind spots allowing coaching breakthroughs.

High Definition Clarity

The Expert Report provides detailed, automated interpretation at the facet level so you no longer have to guess what scores in the middle of scales mean for candidates.

Reduce the Risk of Cheating

Our dynamic Normative and Ipsative format, together with the two online versions (Supervised Access and Invited access) reduce the risk of faked results, common with other online assessments. Plus, measures of Normative-Ipsative agreement, rating acquiescence and response consistency also detect faking more easily.

Multi-Lingual Capability

Developed internationally from the outset, Saville Assessment is translating and standardizing these assessments in a number of key languages.

Competitively Priced, “Pay as You Go”

Take advantage of free administration of Professional Styles, a free Personal Report for candidates and competitively priced Expert, Type and Entrepreneurial Reports. Plus, our “Pay as you Go” payment plan helps you to manage your cash flow.

Quick and Easy to Master

Automated reports accelerate learning. No training is required for I/O Psychologists, but flexible training options, including e-learning, are available as needed.